Save Your Sanity: Build Garage Shelves and Change Your Life

You are probably wondering how a weekend endeavor to build garage shelves can possibly change your life. If you are like most people, though, your garage has become a wasteland of toys and sports equipment.

Count yourself as one of the lucky ones if you are able to dig your car from beneath the mound of rubble on Monday mornings to make your way to work. You probably find yourself wondering how it even got to this point. Are you finally fed up with clutter? Well, maybe it’s time to tackle the terror and reclaim your insanity.

It has been proven that disorder and mayhem can suck the joy right out of life. In other words, that mess in your garage is just not healthy. At first glance, organizing the clutter and chaos that has taken over your garage may seem like a daunting task. However, it’s not as hopeless as it may first seem. Simply build garage shelves, add some storage, and you are well on the way to changing your life.

Organizing your garage is not rocket science. You simply need a decent storage system – preferably one that is easy to install, takes up minimal floor space, is strong and sturdy, can support a lot of weight, and is cost efficient. You can even review and buy one directly online. The Internet is excellent for researching your potential purchase, because you can check out customer reviews before even spending a dime.

Build Garage ShelvesOnce you decide to tackle the mess in your garage, you will likely find that combining various types of garage shelving and storage will work best. Here are a few of the top garage shelving and storage ideas you might consider:

Wall Garage Shelves – Sure, you can build garage shelves on your own, but you will likely find that kits will save you tons of time as well as money. There is no need to design anything or buy the boards, brackets, and fasteners separately. Simply purchase a few wall units and install quickly – no need to cut or measure anything.

Shelving Units – Shelving units are easy to put together and line the perimeter of your garage without taking up too much space. Add a few crates or baskets to organize your life even further. This is garage shelving at its finest.

Overhead Garage Storage – One of the most wasted spaces in garages is the overhead space. Imagine how much floor space can be freed up with the simple purchase of an overhead garage storage rack or two.

Garage Bike Racks – Most families, especially those with kids, own a few bicycles that are hogging valuable floor real estate. Installing a bicycle rack in your garage solves the problem.

Where to Find Garage Shelving

The truth is that adding shelving and storage solutions is a fairly simple way to tame the chaos in your garage and reclaim your sanity. If you are the handy sort, you can design and build garage shelves yourself. But if you are like most people, you simply do not want to waste your free time building anything. After all, that’s what pre-fabricated kits are for. Plus, if you are not in the mood for visiting your local Wal-Mart or Home Depot, you can even order them directly online through a company like Amazon.

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