Garage Bike Rack – Securing Your Bikes

Any house is filled with a lot of stuffs and ultimately majority of the stuff finds its way to the garages. It’s obvious that you cannot expand the available space in your garage, but you can re-design it to increase the storage capacity. A garage is used to store many things ranging from vehicles to skateboards to bikes. So it’s a really good idea to opt for a garage bike rack. You will find many designs and styles of bike racks to choose from. All you need to do is to consider the dimensions of the available space and look for the best bike rack options available to you.

Investing in these racks is a great option, as it not only ensure that more space is available but also keeps your bike in top condition. Since these racks are easy to use, you will hardly face any problem in dealing with them. These are preferred choice for those who ride their bikes often and also for those having kids running around the parked bikes. Majority of the racks that are coming today can be used to support multiple bikes. You will find several types of bike racks available in the market. Some of the most popular ones are discussed below.

Wall bike Rack - It is the first and foremost choice when it comes to garage bike racks. It requires only a small space. However, installing wall bike racks is technical and you need to get specialized people to get it done. It’s ideal if you have to park just one or two bikes, however if you are planning to store more bikes then you should consider other storage options.

Freestanding Bike Stand - This type of rack is the most economical rack. Unlike wall bike rack, its installation is very easy. However, it suffers from the same limitation, i.e., a maximum of two backs it can store. This stand requires much more area for installation than as compared to the wall bike rack.

Floor Bike Stand- It is quite similar to freestanding rack and is also cheap. However, if your garage has got a limited space available then its better not to opt for it as it requires a large area for installation. Ceiling Bike Rack- If you are having many beautiful bikes in your garage and looking for a solution to keep them safe and secure then there is nothing better than ceiling bike rack. The best things about these racks are that they provide you with more slots for parking and also don’t reduce your available floor space. However, these types or racks are more expensive than the other forms. Also, you cannot install them yourself and you need to give this job to a specialized agency.

garage bike rackYou can easily buy these racks from home improvement stores. You will come across a gigantic range of these racks at a Wal-Mart and similar stores. Apart from this, you can also order them online. There are many online stores offering the best bike racks at competitive prices.

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