Transform Your Garage with the Gladiator Cabinets

The gladiator cabinets are the ideal storage units that not only provide the garage an uncluttered look but also provide handy and durable storage space for easy access.

If you have a messy garage with things piled high or strewn here and there just because there isn’t any proper storage space for all the tools and equipments, then it is time for you to get one of the Gladiator cabinets. I too faced similar problems until I bought one of the premier Gladiator cabinets and whoa did I take the right decision? Absolutely, and from the time I have installed the Gladiator cabinet, my garage looks spic and span with nothing out of place and enough workspace for me to carry on my work efficiently.

The Gladiator garage works cabinets are tough bodied cabinets made of high quality steel that help in organizing the garage by making you store things in a more decent and methodical manner. This not only provides more workspace but also provides adequate space for various tools and equipments which help in accessing them as and when required. There are two variants of the Gladiator cabinets namely the Premier series and the Ready-to-Install series.

Premier series

The Premier series Gladiator cabinets are the factory assembled cabinets. You can choose from a variety of free standing and wall mounted options of the Premier series Gladiator cabinets. The cabinets have secure locking systems for added security. Some models of the cabinets are fitted with locking casters which makes it convenient to move the cabinets easily as required.

Ready to Assemble Series

If you want to customize the shelves and cabinets for specific use, then you can buy one of the Gladiator Storage units from the Ready to Assemble series. The material used in these cabinets is similar to that of the ones in the Premier segment, except that you have to assemble the unit your self.

metal cabinet

Technical Details

Each Gladiator cabinet is equipped with the following accessories:

  • Powder coated steel finish
  • Magnetic door latch system
  • Corrosion free material
  • Round key door lock
  • Adjustable shelves

Which ever system of Gladiator storage you purchase, you are sure to be pleased of your decision as these are the ideal storage units for the garage. As from the customer reviews and from my own experience, I can list several of the advantages of these cabinets:

  • I really like the steel finish of these cabinets as they provide a sophisticated look to the garage
  • All keys being universal can be used for the locks on all the cabinets
  • I personally prefer the pre-constructed cabinets
  • the company puts small plastic pins in order to secure the shelves in their place when in transit
  • sturdy doors, safety latches and locks are better than in most models from other companies
Some drawbacks that I noticed
  • shipping takes longer than expected
  • I found the packaging poor

As per my review purchasing a Gladiator storage cabinet for your garage is the ideal choice as it provides the most comprehensive storage for all equipments. In addition, I could garner better workspace after I installed the Gladiator garage works units and therefore, recommend all to de-clutter their garages with the Gladiator cabinets.

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