Grow Tent: Your Home-Grown Garden

Grow tents are becoming quite popular nowadays not only because they supply fresh ingredients at any time of the year, but also because they are becoming more efficient and easy to use. A grow tent is a closed environment that provides a perfectly controlled garden area in which you can successfully grow your plants at any time of the year. These closed environments often resemble tents in that they are made of a rectangular foundation of metal rods that are covered by a lightproof and waterproof material.

The idea started with the use of these cabinet-like structures to create a controlled garden environment, but the original material used were wood or other heavier and more solid materials that caused the grow boxes to be heavy, difficult to manage, and also quite expensive.

Why Use the Tent?

I have been using the tent for two years now, and I find it very effective in supplying fresh ingredients that I need on a regular basis. Vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce are only some of the plants that I have successfully planted and harvested with the use of the product. Imagine having a garden of your own that requires only a relatively small amount of space. I do not need to own a farm or a large lot with rich garden soil as I can simply use pots or other systems on which to cultivate my plants.

Grow TentWhat I also like about grow tents is the fact that they allow me to plant and harvest foods at any time of the year. In a natural environment, I would have to wait for the ideal conditions in which the specific plant that I want will be able to grow. With these grow boxes, I can control the garden environment inside and make it ideal for any plant of my choice. Even if it is freezing or extremely hot outside, the tents keep my plants safe and healthy.

Parts of Grow Tents

A grow tent is made up of basically three components. The first is the rectangular frame that is made up of either plastic or metal material; the second is the skin or the material that covers the full frame, and finally the floor or the base where spills are gathered.

Whether you will be using the product often or not, there are at least some standards that you have to look out for. First, I make it a point to buy only grow tents that have a heavy-duty and very sturdy frame. This is the foundation of the whole structure and if it is weak, chances are that it might get broken and even damage the plants you have carefully planted and grown inside of them. It also makes sense to buy frames that are made of metal instead of plastic as these would definitely last longer and be more durable.

As for the skin or the body of the tent, this component should be lightproof, waterproof, and very heavy-duty. It is important that the material be lightproof and waterproof as these aspects will help control the environment inside the tent. Durability is also an important factor as the skin will be exposed to the outside environment, and must be resistant against wear and tear.


What I like the most about this product is that it is very easy to use and to maintain, and it is highly efficient. Setting them up is easy to do, and you can just leave the plants inside and you can be sure that they will be well taken care of.

I can always get good harvests because there are no pests and less environmental dangers that damage the plants. Even if the grow tent was a bit of an investment to pay for, I was able to save up a lot on fresh produce costs and enjoy my home-grown vegetables.

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