Overhead garage storage: Easy to set up, convenient to store

Many items in my house, often occupy too much space. These are items that I do not generally use daily and at times I feel the need to store these items in an overhead storage system. The Hyloft 540 is an overhead garage storage that has solved almost all the problems face by me in this regard. The storage system can also be used in your garage, as a garage ceiling storage. The storage system can be bought either online from a website like Amazon.com or can be brought from a major retail store.

The overhead garage storage has a height adjustment of 16 to 28 inches. It can hold a weight of about 250 pounds. The package comes with a powder-coated steel wire ad contains all the mounting equipment. It measures 45*45 inches and weighs 34 pounds. This overhead storage system that can be used as a garage ceiling storage comes with a lifetime warranty and as a customer this is a great advantage. The entire system along with the installation unit was shipped free of cost to me.

One needs to first have a good stud finder and a drill. One can use a cordless drill for ease of operation. The drill however should be a high power drill as anything below 10V may not work properly. Also one must have a 7/16” nut setter and a 7/64” drill along with 4 screws handy. The nails provided are not good enough and it is better if you used screws. When climbing up a ladder makes sure that you carry safety glasses this would make the entire installation process safe and quick. The kit comes with nails. You are instructed to nail the ceiling bracket in place before drilling and securing with the lag screws.

I used this storage system in my garage and was able to get rid of most of the clutter. The system holds in place many unused boxes, equipment, tools and hordes of stuff which we do not normally use but often ends up utilising a lot of space in the different rooms. Now I can have some extra room in the garage that can be used to clean my car.

The system as mentioned is very easy to install and put up. overhead garage storageThe quality of steel used in the system is good and the price at which it is being offered, it is an economical solution to storage problems. This garage ceiling storage system is also easily available in the market and can be found in different retail stores. It can also be ordered online so that you receive it in the comfort of your home. The storage system has been in place for a long time and looks very sturdy and good enough to hold on for a long time. The system is very compact and I feel like putting up many more so as to make my garage look clean and spacious.

The installation though very easy can however take more time depending on the skill of the person. I could do it well but a person who finds it difficult to climb the stairs may not. The unit is not very good looking but for a garage it does its job. The stud finder is a must and should be put to good use.

There were problems of alignment and some of the braces did not have holes in them. It was also very difficult to believe initially that the system could hold on as there is a sag in the centre. All in all the Hyloft overhead garage system works well as a storage unit and at a price of $ 54 is worth a try.

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