The Importance of Watering Trees: Water Bags for Trees and Other Methods

Trees are one of the most vital parts of our ecosystem because of its ability to produce oxygen –– an essential factor to human survival. There are many more reasons why we need trees, but because of urbanization and the demand for resources, the number of our trees and forests are declining at a much faster rate than ever before. Because of this, new trees need to be planted to replace the ones that have been cut down and to maintain the ecosystem’s balance.

If you are thinking of planting a tree or joining a tree-planting project, it is worth noting that you should be willing to invest a great deal of time and money on such venture. The first two growing seasons of a new tree are very important and if they are not properly cared for, many will not be able to survive.

You may think you are already doing a great job if you have placed a new tree in the “proper location” (adequate sunlight, correct depth, presence of mulch and support ties), but you should know that new trees must also be well-watered especially for its first two years.

Water bags for treesGrowing Your Tree: The Importance of Watering

Some people may think that watering trees is a fairly simple task, but the amount of time and work is also dependent on an area’s climate and precipitation. If you fail to keep a consistent watering routine with your new tree, it could result in its death. Of course, having to replant trees again and again is expensive and counter-productive, so the best thing to do is to look for ways or methods to water the new tree without having to exert too much time and effort.

Water Bags for Trees

Water bags for trees are especially designed to water new trees and shrubs. Installation is pretty easy –– all you have to do is to place the bag around the tree’s trunk and fill it with water. The water will be distributed to the tree’s root system via the two holes at the bottom of the bag. They usually hold 15 to 45 gallons of water, depending on the size you’re going to buy. When you buy a tree watering bag, make sure you know how much water your tree needs so you won’t end up with too much or too little water.

The good thing about this type of watering system is that it can soak the roots well, allowing multiple trees to be watered at once. Storage is also not an issue because it doesn’t take up much space –– it can be kept and folded like a shopping bag when it is not in use.

However, you won’t be able to fill it as it is being transported to a tree, therefore it cannot be used if your tree is far enough to be reached by a garden hose. You should also be careful when you are using other garden tools such as mowers and trimmers, because the water bags can easily be damaged by sharp objects.

Water bags for trees are relatively inexpensive, and you can buy it for $20 to $30 online.

Other Tree Watering Methods

Placing Buckets Around the Tree: You can also water your new tree by placing one or more pails around your tree’s base. Drill two small holes on the bottom of each bucket, and then fill it with the necessary amount of water. However, this set-up might be a little unsightly especially if you are very particular with your garden.

Garden Hose: With this option, you can attach your garden hose to a watering wand (ex. Yard Butler, Grocor) and force the water onto a specific location around the new tree. Although your yard will look “cleaner” with this option than with the buckets, you will not be able to know the exact amount of water that you will be putting onto the roots.

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